TiE-team allows people to network
in a fun, friendly way.

TiE-team originally started as Philips/NXP Semiconductors Zurich Xmas apéro meetings (see here the full TiE-team history).
After several re-organizations, sell-offs and mergers the majority of the former Philips/NXP employees are not working together any longer. Many people have changed to further employers all over Switzerland, partially all over the world.
Stay tied!
TiE-team gives the opportunity to stay in touch in a simple and informal way: with people socializing and focussing on sharing daily working experience, getting to know each other and/or deepening relations. Until now it hase been a one-time-yearly only event.
Where professionals meet!
TiE-team is interested in getting connected with other like-minded people. It has expanded to a web-site so that professionals all over Switzerland can connect online through chats and later meet at apéros/dinners/events. The meetings shall be partially social and partially business. Create a profile and make business connection along with friendships. TiE-team is a great way to improve your career and meet interesting people. TiE-team allows people to network in a fun, friendly way.

Your 2012 TiE-core-team:
Antoinette von Büren, Karin Ehrler, Roberto Grandi,
Gabriella König, Adrian Messmer, Patrick Moretti, Stefano Ortelli,
Scott Perala, Sacha Perret, Ruben Stoll, Thomas Villiger.

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